Beton Shield sealer

599.00 489.00 Ex. VAT 4 x 5 liters

Product Description

Beton Shield sealer

Beton Shield sealer is a high quality sealer for use in concrete polishing applications. Beton Shield is used at the end of the polishing cycle providing protection against staining. It is an effective water repellent.

Applied after the last polishing grit it will add more gloss to the finished floor, buff with Klindex Discolux pad or with standard white pad when the Beton Shield treated surface has fully dried.

Beton Shield sealer is economical in use, easily applied with a window cleaner applicator or microfiber mop. Remove puddles before they dry up.

Supplied in box of 4 x 5 liters.

Maintain with Beton Soap or Stone Soap.


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